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Colmar, France: European Road Trip Part 1

After C and I got married, we couldn’t decide where to go on our honeymoon. So instead, we decided to see as many places as possible on a honeymoon/European road trip. The first stop on our list was Colmar, France, a storybook town just a five hour drive from our home outside of Düsseldorf.

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Here are a few of my favorite sites and eateries from the trip:

La Petite Venise

La Petite Venise Colmar, France

La Petite Venise

La Petite Venise is probably the most famous landmark in Colmar. Like it’s name, it certainly does feel like a miniature version of Venice, Italy. You can take a boat tour down the small river or eat along the water at one of the many restaurants. The area is so picturesque, I think I could have sat by the water all day.  The weather was a little rainy while we were there, so I didn’t get to eat outside or take a boat ride, but I did enjoy just walking through the area.

Downtown Colmar

building colmar france

Downtown Colmar

buildings flowers colmar france

One of the many canals in downtown Colmar

My favorite part of visiting Colmar was exploring all of the tiny streets and alleys. It felt like there was a beautiful building hidden around every corner. There was also a more modern section that was filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. I used my extremely limited French to try and order different baguettes, quiches, and macaroons.

macaroon colmar france

My first ever macaroon

All of the food was very reasonably priced. I also tend to shop at local grocery stores for items like water or snacks. It’s fun to see what kind of items you can get in a French grocery store, and it’s usually cheaper than what you would get at a cafe or at your hotel. I had my first ever macaroon, which I felt was pretty appropriate while in France. I love anything sweet, so I didn’t leave Colmar without having a second one.

Au Fer Rouge

restaurant colmar france

Au Fer Rouge

We picked our dinner spot just from walking around and looking at menus. With our combination of English, German, and Spanish knowledge, we were able to figure out a decent amount of the French food vocabulary. However, I would recommend doing this in advance if you don’t know any French, as we did not encounter many people who could speak English. We picked the restaurant Au Fer Rouge and it did not disappoint.

restaurant colmar france

Dinner at Au Fer Rouge

I also took the time to look up the classic dishes from the Alsace area where Colmar is located. I ended up ordering Bouche a la Reine (pictured above), which was sort of like a French chicken pot pie. It was delicious!


eclair colmar france

Eclair from Gilg

If you are like me, then you probably can’t wait to try all sorts of French pastries. When I passed by Gilg, my mouth watered just looking at all the delicious treats. I had to stop and try a few things. The eclair I had was fantastic and I also had another macaroon. I found this store to be reasonably priced as well, especially for how fancy the shop looked.

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