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Lucerne, Switzerland: European Road Trip Part 4

Going on a European road trip/honeymoon with C was one of the best parts of fall 2015. We started off the trip in Colmar, France, then went south to Zurich, Switzerland, and drove through the Swiss Alps to get to Lago Maggiore, Italy. The last planned stop on our Euro trip was Lucerne, Switzerland (although we did take a surprise detour to Munich on the way home).

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Lucerne may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking of Switzerland, but it is a beautiful city with a rich history. Although it was officially founded in 1178, it had been inhabited by monks since 750. It is home to the oldest covered bridge in Europe, the Chapel Bridge, which was built in 1333. Walking through the old town of the city was magical, I can’t get enough of historical areas. I hope that my recommendations and tips will help you have a great visit to Lucerne!


Hotel: Hotel Seeburg
lake lucerne switzerland

View from our balcony at Hotel Seeburg

I loved Hotel Seeburg. It was right on the water and we had a great view of Lake Lucerne from the balcony. There was even a military airshow over the lake while we ate our lunch outside, so it was a pretty spectacular afternoon. However, I would only recommend it to those who are traveling to Lucerne by car, otherwise you would have to take a bus into the city. It did not look complicated by any means, just a pain if you don’t have a lot of time in the area. The hotel also had the most adorable looking restaurant called Rigi Chalet, but it unfortunately was not open while I was there. I would love to go back and get to check it out.

Restaurant: Parterre
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Our dinners at Parterre

It took a few hours of searching on the internet to find a restaurant in Lucerne that was within our budget. If you’ve read my previous post on Zurich, Switzerland, you know that it was a struggle for me to fathom the exorbitant prices in Switzerland. It was totally worth taking the time to find a budget friendly option though. Not only was the food at Parterre delicious and well priced, it also had a hip vibe and seemed to be filled with locals. I had Alpine Macaroni (I know, I had it in Zurich too, I swear sometimes I’m adventurous but that dish was just too good to not order twice!) and it was a special of the day so it came with a salad and a coffee for around 15 CHF, which is an absolute steal in Switzerland. I highly recommend Parterre if you are looking for a low-cost option and a good rösti (a famous Swiss dish that is similar to hash browns).

Favorite Sight: Musegg Wall
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View of Lucerne from the Musegg Wall

Musegg Wall is the remaining part of the Lucerne city walls, which were originally built in 1386. Along the wall are nine towers, four of which are open to the public. You can climb up the different towers and then actually walk along the top of the wall. It is an excellent historical sight, and additionally you get a great view of the whole city. Be aware that the wall and towers are only open from April 1st – November 1st, from 8 am – 7 pm.


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