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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Prague

Prague has been on my travel list for years. Photos of the stunning Eastern European city have always captivated me. When my friends decided to take me there as a girls weekend/wedding gift, I was thrilled. There are so many reasons why I would recommend Prague to fellow travelers, but for now here are my top four:

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1. Inexpensive Food and Lodging

I found Prague to be a very affordable city for travel. We stayed at the Emma Hostel in a four person room, for around 30$ per person for 3 nights. When looking for a place to book, we found many other options at decent prices, but ended up going with Emma for it’s great location and also it’s bargain price.

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Emma Hostel (Source:

Food in Prague was also very inexpensive. Of course in the main touristy areas the prices are inflated, so try to get yourself a few streets away from places like the Old Town Square. For Czech food, my favorite restaurant was Kozlovna Apropros. They prepared all of the meat so well and I was pretty jealous of the French Onion soup that two of my friends ordered.

My other favorite restaurant was The  Globe Cafe, a bookstore and American style restaurant. I understand if you are traveling from the U.S. you might not want to go here, but for an expat missing the food from home this place was amazing. Unfortunately, I was enjoying my food at both places so much I forgot to photograph it! But on my next trip back to Prague you will definitely find me at both of these restaurants.

2. The Doughnut Ice Cream Cone

Ever since I saw a picture of the doughnut ice cream cone, I knew I needed to have one. One of my favorite international desserts is the Hungarian Kürtőskalács. In the Czech Republic, they have a very similar treat called the Trdelník. It’s essentially a sweet doughnut like dough, baked into a cone shape in the oven.

Then, Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague had the genius idea of filling the cone with ice cream. A sweet lovers dream come true. Make sure you get a quality cone, though. The cone has become so popular you can buy it all over the city.

prague dessert bakery

Enjoying a “Doughnut” Cone in Prague

The first day I had it from a random stand and I did not find the pastry or the ice cream to be very good. So on day two I made sure to go to original shop, and it was much better. The cone, filled with whipped cream and strawberries, was fantastic. And the pictures of it aren’t bad either.

3. You Can Get By With English

It can be a struggle to travel to a country where you don’t speak the language. I always think it’s helpful to learn some words before you go, but that can only help so much when you go to read a menu or order food. I have definitely been frustrated before, feeling helpless to actually order something that I like. On the other side, it’s fun to travel and be totally immersed in a foreign culture and language.

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Streets full of tourists in Prague

If you are overwhelmed by new languages, the benefit to Prague is that you can speak English to almost anyone. We had no trouble ordering at any of the places we went. Prague has become a very touristy destination, which means that English has become more prominent. If you prefer to avoid the tourists, you will definitely want to stay outside the city center.

4. The Architecture In Prague is Stunning

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Prague is an unbelievably beautiful city. There is something about Eastern European architecture that I find so captivating. Just sitting by the river and enjoying the view is one of my favorite memories.

prague buildings travel

Old Town Square

There are so many places you can go in Europe, but if you are looking for an unforgettable city, then I would highly recommend Prague. I think the pictures speak for themselves!


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