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Mexikaner Shot Recipe: A German Party Favorite

Germans love to party. That’s one of the first things I learned when I came to Germany to visit one of my best friends when I was 18. I actually went to my first ever club on that trip (it was quite the experience) and was shocked when we purchased beer to bring to an official high school party with teachers and parents present. Sneaking in drinks I understood, but blatantly drinking with adults was a lot for 18-year-old me. Life looks a lot different when the drinking age starts at 16.

Nowadays, I am still trying to keep up with partying abilities of my German friends. It takes a lot of skill to learn how to party until 6 am and still be able to function. I’ve also discovered my absolute favorite shot, a Mexikaner, which is a German party favorite. It’s basically like a spicy Bloody Mary. But if you don’t like Bloody Marys, fear not, I don’t like them either but I still love this shot. I promise that it will be a hit at your next party (or brunch!).

mexikaner shot germany

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