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Why I Travel

When I was 15, I left the US for the second time and traveled to Lima, Peru. I remember before I left, I was terrified. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and that it would completely change my life.

Ocean Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I fell head over heels in love with travel. I could never have guessed that this passion would lead me to visit over 20 countries, across six continents, including living long term in multiple places abroad. When my other friends in high school were discussing their next soccer tournament or football game, I was dreaming up my next international trip.

I guess you could say that not a lot has changed. I find myself sitting here, writing this blog entry, while looking out my window on my new home in Germany. I think the biggest difference in my travel addiction is that I moved my focus from short-term trips to long-term living.

While I never would have predicted moving to Germany, my first residency abroad was completely planned. When I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2010 for a semester, I learned how incredible it is to experience life in a new city and to form a new home halfway across the world. Sydney will always remain close to my heart for showing me how rewarding it can be to live abroad.

Sydney Opera House Australia

Sydney Opera House

Of course it comes with its many challenges, and I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot about those. But today I wanted to focus on how this all started for me. Sometimes all it takes is getting the courage to take that first trip or sign up for that semester abroad.

Travel has added so much depth and understanding to my life and most importantly it has taught me how to embrace change and have faith in myself. I hope that if you haven’t experienced this for yourself yet, maybe today will be the day you start looking at tickets.

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